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ETICAT: Upcycled Cat Litter 13 LBS (11% OFF)

ETICAT: Upcycled Cat Litter 13 LBS (11% OFF)

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Our ETICAT cat litter is made from decaffeinated coffee grounds for a sustainable alternative to normal cat litter.

New! Alfred Pets wants to create sustainable households and happier cats with our new upcycled coffee grounds.

Eco-Friendly Ingredients: Eticat Upcycled Cat Litter is a combination of decaffeinated coffee grounds, seaweed extract, cornstarch and lots of cat love!*

Powerful Odor Control: Coffee grounds are an all-natural odor-neutralizer – leaving your home pleasantly odor-free. 

Easy-to-Clean: Seaweed extract and cornstarch create excellent clumping so you can clean your litter box faster and more easily.

*If your cat consumes the litter by accident it will be unharmed. All ingredients are cat-safe!

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